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Video of NetBSD/amiga 10.0_BETA network install in real Amiga 1200


I told in a previous message I was pending to repartition my Amiga hard drive and perform a new clean install of NetBSD/amiga. As David Brownlee suggested to try current netbsd-10 build, it was a perfect timing to do so on real hardware, so I went ahead.

What has been very different from my previous NetBSD install, is that this one has been done over the network, using FTP with nyftp.netbsd.org (what does the "ny" from "nyftp" or "nycdn" stands for?). I must say the experience has been excellent; very similar to the one I would have in a modern system.

I have published a full video capture of the install process, so it can be a reference for anyone.

The video can be found at https://youtu.be/WcISqZXnHmk

It covers the following:
- 0:00:00 HDToolBox partition configuration
- 0:03:03 Write miniroot.fs to NetBSD swap partition
- 0:03:57 Boot NetBSD installation
- 2:02:01 First NetBSD boot

Hardware used:
Commodore Amiga 1200 rev 1D4
Warp 1260: 68060 rev6 50 MHz 224 MB FAST MEM
Indivision AGA mk3
PCMCIA Ethernet D-Link 660+ (NE-2000 compatible)

Congratulations and many thanks for the impressive work to keep NetBSD kicking on the Amiga!


Carlos Milán Figueredo
HispaMSX System Operator
- http://www.hispamsx.org
- telnet://bbs.hispamsx.org
- https://calnus.com

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