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Re: Re: loadbsd memory segment (Was: NetBSD Amiga - Memory restrictions)

This will be Great !
Who needs this emulation? Or make it optional?

ursprüngliche Nachricht:
Von: Frank Wille (frank%phoenix.owl.de@localhost)
Gesendet: 25. März 2023 um 16:36:58
An: David Brownlee (abs%netbsd.org@localhost)
Betreff: Re: loadbsd memory segment (Was: NetBSD Amiga - Memory restrictions)

David Brownlee wrote:

On 25.03.23 14:37:46 you wrote:

>> Harald Meinzer wrote:
>> > An other thing is loadbsd, is it possible to load the Kernel in the
>> > TK-Memory 0$800000 instaed of the biggest available block, which
>> > could e slow Z3 RAM?
>> Option -p should work, which selects the memory segment with the
>> highest priority instead of largest size.
> Maybe the default heuristics could be adjusted - load the kernel into
> the highest priority memory segment of at least X MB (and make X an
> optional command line option).

Agreed. Selecting the memory segment by priority is mostly the better

But other NetBSD developers already must have had these throughts decades
ago, so I'm always afraid we are missing something... ;)

Frank Wille

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