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Re: NetBSD/amiga sysinst (Was: Video of NetBSD/amiga 10.0_BETA network install in real Amiga 1200)

2) Arrow keys do not seem to be mapped through in
fs-uaw Are arrow keys mapped through to the console
correctly on real hardware?

It works well on real hardware and it worked well for me in WinUAE.

OK - so interestingly arrow keys work in fs-uae running under Windows,
but not running under NetBSD. Which is just more strange (but at least
it's not a NetBSD/amiga issue).

Just a note - I have a PS/2 to Amiga keyboard adapter. I think it's the Lyra 3. When I use it in AmigaDOS, it works fine, but when I use it in NetBSD, the arrow keys repeat in bothersome ways. I don't remember details.

Not sure whether / how this is related to the fs-uae mapping, but it's something that I've been wanting to check out when I have time in front of some real hardware.


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