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RE: NetBSD/amiga sysinst (Was: Video of NetBSD/amiga 10.0_BETA network install in real Amiga 1200)

From: David Brownlee <abs%netbsd.org@localhost> 
Sent: miércoles, 8 de marzo de 2023 22:49

Hi David!

> 1) Multiple hard drives Just Work

Great! :)

> 2) Arrow keys do not seem to be mapped through in
> fs-uaw Are arrow keys mapped through to the console
> correctly on real hardware?

It works well on real hardware and it worked well for me in WinUAE.

> 3) I was unable to get a CD image to show up
> - MESSAGE: Option failed: cpuboard_ext_rom_file = Blizzard_SCSI_Kit_IV_v8.5.bin
> - MESSAGE: One of the following expansion boot ROMs is required: - Blizzard 1240/1260 (32k) ... and no scsi > nor CD-ROM device is detected in NetBSD. Would anyone have any ideas?

It looks like you need the SCSI ROM to make it work. I faced a similar issue with the A2091 emulation, I needed to use the ROM file from the card to make the SCSI work.

> 5) Network
> Attempting to run dhcpcd to configure the network
> gives a "MESSAGE: Error loading qemu-uae plugin" message,
> and it fails to get an IP address. qemu-uae seems to be
> related to PPC, so not entirely sure why its showing up
> for a plain m68k emulated mac. Does anyone else have
> networking working in fs-uea?

I don't have any idea on how FS-UAE interfaces with the host network. WinUAE uses SLIRP or WinPCap, so FS-UAE must have gone a different way. I remember as well that in WinUAE I was not successful emulating PCMCIA ethernet, but A2065 worked well.

> 6) The font
> That "packed as tight as can be, big chunky font"...
> 'nuff said :)



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