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Re: CF & DOM IDE timeouts (Was: NetBSD/amiga sysinst)

OK, so netbsd-10 appears to be "better" than netbsd-9, if not fixed
for this case. At least things are moving in the right direction!
(though it may make it harder to determine when things are fixed :)

The reset printf comes from:

I wonder if:
- netbsd pokes the chipset at the wrong time/wrong way and manage to
wedge it, hence the lost interrupts and hangs
- wdc->reset() is failing to reset things
- __wdcwait_reset() is failing to read a good state (too short timeout or...?)

It might be interesting to see what a kernel with ATADEBUG shows,
though there is a possibility that outputting the debug will change
the timing enough not to trigger the issue. It may also be interesting
to see if running with polling IO rather than interrupts avoids the
issue (though the latter definitely just for testing).

I'm not sure I'd feel right trying to encourage a testing of that
nature on a col-lo datacentre machine tho' :)

It just so happens that I'll need to go to the datacenter in the next several days to replace a power supply in my AlphaServer.

Because I don't want to have to go through a long fsck for the main storage, instead I'll just prepare a CompactFlash card to boot and to run entirely from the CompactFlash.

I'll prepare a kernel with ATADEBUG, I'll have the system boot, then I'll try to untargzip a recent copy of pkgsrc.tar.gz and will see what happens.

Are there any suggestions about what else I might try while there?


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