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Re: CF & DOM IDE timeouts (Was: NetBSD/amiga sysinst)


That should be an excellent test case to see if the issue is still
present in HEAD and netbsd-10.

(If the '600 _doesn't_ show the same issue with netbsd-9 then that
would be a different (but also useful data point :))

I have a data point to add:

I have a colocated Amiga 1200 (http://lilith.zia.io) which boots the NetBSD bootblocks and kernel from a CF card on IDE, with root set to sd0, which is on a Blizzard 1260's SCSI. phase5's SCSI card doesn't work with the NetBSD bootblocks, which is why it's done this way.

With NetBSD 9, I could not write to the CF card at all - all attempts to write would lock. This meant that all updates required that I visit the datacenter and upgrade the kernel by mounting the CF card on another machine.

I recently visited the datacenter and upgraded it to netbsd-10 from 9-January-2023 and tested writing to the CF card. It worked! But when I tried doing lots of writes, like untargzipping base.tgz on the CF, it eventually locked:

[  1176.477218] autoconfiguration error: wdc0:0:0: lost interrupt
[  1176.494223] 	type: ata tc_bcount: 8704 tc_skip: 7680
[  1176.505040] wd0a: device timeout writing fsbn 3114031 of 3114016-3114047 (wd0 bn 3729919; cn 3700 tn 5 sn 4), xfer 1f30, retry 0
[  1486.716389] autoconfiguration error: wdc0 channel 0: reset failed for drive 0
[  1497.766719] wdc0:0:0: wait timed out
[  1497.780357] wd0a: device timeout writing fsbn 3114016 of 3114016-3114047 (wd0 bn 3729904; cn 3700 tn 4 sn 52), xfer 1f30, retry 1
[  1508.287022] wdc0:0:0: wait timed out

Ad infinitum (well, until hard reset).

Here's the CF card in dmesg:

[     1.000003] wdc0 at mainbus0
[     1.000003] atabus0 at wdc0 channel 0
[     4.182537] wd0 at atabus0 drive 0
[     4.212578] wd0: <SDCFHS-016G>
[     4.228561] wd0: drive supports 1-sector PIO transfers, LBA48 addressing
[     4.228561] wd0: 15279 MB, 31045 cyl, 16 head, 63 sec, 512 bytes/sect x 31293360 sectors
[     4.233995] wd0: drive supports PIO mode 4, DMA mode 2, Ultra-DMA mode 7


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