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Re: looking for a server

On Apr 3, 2008, at 4:13 PM, Miles Nordin wrote:

1. I know CD burning is broken.

How is CD burning broken?

(How are threads broken, for that matter?)

2. You and I both know CD burning problems are indicative of IDE
  problems overall, and maybe even worse problems with interrupt
  priority levels or PCI bus configuration or who knows what, so CD
  burning problems DO matter to the original poster.

Not necessarily. Sure, Alpha has a relatively flat interrupt priority level scheme. But I certainly never had any trouble burning CDs on my Alpha (with IDE). Alas, I just got rid of my last one a few weeks ago because I no longer have the space for it.

Actually, I don't see at all how your statement above is true in the general sense.

3. Although you may not have direct experience with IDE CD burners in
  alphas, you do know that I am probably right, and you know that
  your past experience is irrelevant because IDE and SCSI always
  differ tremendously especially on noti386 and also because (2).

And, um, why does he know that you are probably right?

-- thorpej

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