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Re: looking for a server

>>>>> "pm" == Paul Mather <paul%gromit.dlib.vt.edu@localhost> writes:

    pm> if you wanted to tell the guy to get a Sparc-based system
    pm> instead, why not just come right out and say it

because, if you'll review the thread, it's more convoluted and
contrary than that.  He doesn't even care about burning CD's.

    pm> Did port-alpha get out of the wrong side of the bed today?

Does it matter?  My bed and my mood is emphatically my own business,
and I don't come here for emotional support, smalltalk, or discussions
about the best way to brew coffee and when to drink it.  This is not
Sydney or Los Angeles, so I'm not required to appear happy.

Anyway, what I was pointing out with the ^W's was that you should have
mentioned it was a SCSI burner.  I read your post as having this sort
of implied smirk which is I admit very fun for me and probably other
old listmembers---like, of course I would know it was a SCSI burner.
But its SCSIness wouldn't be obvious to someone who didn't already
know, as I do, that alpha IDE is ~broken.  Your audience includes the
original poster who probably doesn't realize it was a SCSI burner, and
that's why, given the audience, and the audience IS a given in this
case because he's right there at the top of the thread, it's deceptive
and, as advice/guidance, worse than nothing.  Hopefully everything's
clear now---sorry for any possible offense.

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