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Re: looking for a server

>>>>> "pm" == Paul Mather <paul%gromit.dlib.vt.edu@localhost> writes:

    pm> The first CD burner I ever bought was for my DEC 3000/300.  It
    pm> burned CDs just fine using cdrecord.  That Alpha lasted longer
    pm> than the CD burner, too. :-)

Great, let me know when you replace the CD burner with something that
burns DVD's and also works in the alpha. ;)

I have a SCSI CD burner, too, a good Yamaha one that I found abandoned
in my building's hallway.  I brought a SCSI card to work and used a
Windows machine to update its firmware, and took it apart to blow
stray dust out of it with an air compressor.  I appreciate this stuff
too, okay?  but then it broke, so I plugged a modern <$100 DVD burner
into a sparc64 box where IDE is working.

srsly guys, reminiscing is great, and they are beautiful machines and
all that, but when someone asks serious questions about getting work
done we need to not reply out of our happy fantasy worlds.  ``IDE is
sketchy on Alpha, and no one can agree the problem exists much less
fix it.  CD's do not burn.  Burning CD's works okay on sparc64.''

  ^^^^ This is helpful.  

``Once upon a time I had the greatest CD burner on the greatest
machine, so CD burning on Alphas is wonderful, but it was a SCSI

  ^^^^ is, frankly, deceptive and, in terms of helpfulness, worse than

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