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Re: Is *anyone* using pkgsrc on IRIX?

BSD/OS, OSF/1, and IRIX haven't been maintained for a couple of decades.
Projects are increasingly likely to have dropped support for them, there's
a lack of newer standards support, toolchains, etc. IRIX at least (used to?)
have a dedicated enthusiast community to prop it up, however.

HP-UX, AIX, and QNX are still being maintained, but given their nature it's
difficult for pkgsrc developers to actually test on them. Nobody is publishing
builds or the results of bootstrapping either. HP-UX and AIX both have their
own compilers and toolchains. Unless you only want to support GCC, that's
more burden.

It probably makes sense to put out a call for interest in dedicated maintainers
for the proprietary unixes, so there's someone who can actually test things.
If no such person exists that puts us in an uncomfortable position.

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