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Re: How long are old pkgsrc releases supported?

On Thu, 23 Apr 2020 08:49:25 -0400
Greg Troxel <> wrote:

> pkgsrc releases are supported until the next branch is cut.
> As for old bits, usually they are around for a while, but TNF does not
> have infinite disk space.

Ok. Fair enough.

> In this case, I would expect you have a staging/test/etc sever with the
> same OS and similar hardware,

No I have not. How similar would the hardware have to be? CPU architecture
is enough? Probably depends on the applications needed?
Otherwise it is hard to argue for me that I have to buy the same server
again just to be able to update the first one.

> and that you could check out pkgsrc-2018Q2
> from cvs and build the binary package you need. 

But that's what I did. It no longer works, when the source archives

>  It is ok to mix
> prebuilt and home-built packages as long as the OS branch and pkgsrc
> branch (and mk.conf options) match.

Same pkgsrc-branch means 2018Q2 in this case? Then it doesn't help me,
because some packages in this branch do not build any longer.

For me it looks like I have to switch to a recent pkgsrc to be able to
make print/tex-tetex and rebuild everything. This will also force me to
upgrade many of my current packages to newer versions (especially php,
python, mysql, apache might be important) causing lots of trouble. :(

Frank Wille

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