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Re: gvfs, samba

Mike Pumford <> writes:

> On 14/03/2020 18:28, Tom Spindler (moof) wrote:
>> FWIW, you *can* build samba4 without all the AD domain controller stuff
>> and just use it in nmbd+smbd mode; I have a local patch to do just that
>> (--without-ad-dc, mostly) and it seems to work without issues.
> I'm curious to know why you think that requires modification to work?
> I use the stock samba4 package(no build options) in a domainless
> environment without issue on NetBSD8 and NetBSD9. Is this some sort of
> space saving thing?

Tom sent me a patch (that does some other things too) offlist.  It is
not about making it work.  It is just about not building the DC stuff,
which I think might also avoid some dependencies.

So yes, it's space, build time, etc.

In an ideal world, there'd be a split package for the controlller, as
the vast majority of pkgsrc samba users don't run a DC.  (Well, in an
ideal world, nobody would need samba at all!)

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