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Re: 'mozilla-rootcerts' erroneously flags certs "untrusted" (was: Re: certdata-20140820.txt missing certs?)

There is a discrepancy in the structure of the "certdata.txt" file.

The ninth data block is a "cert_trust" section without a preceeding
"cert_data" section.  That "cert_trust" section refers to a certificate
that is considered untrusted but not present in the "certdata.txt" file.

As such, the way the "mozilla-rootcerts" script determines when to stop
examining "cert_trust" values (a line containing only a "#" comment,
regexp /^#$/ such as found in the header for a "cert_data" section)
instead continues examining the spurious "cert_trust" section and marks
the preceeding otherwise-valid cert ("mozilla-rootcert-3.pem" in this
case) as "untrusted" and removes it.

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