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Undoing additions to CMAKE_ARGS


I found that mk/configure/ adds the following to CMAKE_ARGS:


My problem is that these are all relative paths, but the local package
I'm trying to build, PLplot (not in pkgsrc (yet)), expects these to be
absolute paths.

Is there a way to undo the above mk/configure/ additions
to CMAKE_ARGS in my pkgsrc package so that I can specify absolute
paths for those variables instead of relative paths?  (I tried just
adding my own definitions to CMAKE_ARGS in my pkgsrc package Makefile
using "CMAKE_ARGS+= [DEFINITION]", and I tried removing the
definitions using "CMAKE_ARGS-= [DEFINITION]", but neither of those
worked.  I'm assuming that means mk/configure/ gets included
later, maybe by the "../../mk/" include at the bottom of the

I have patched PLplot's cmake/modules/instdirs.cmake to make it convert
relative paths to absolute paths for pkgsrc, but I'd rather not have to
do that.

On a related note, in Modules/GNUInstallDirs.cmake in CMake, it
says the following:

# - Define GNU standard installation directories
# Provides install directory variables as defined for GNU software:
# Inclusion of this module defines the following variables:
#  CMAKE_INSTALL_<dir>      - destination for files of a given type
#  CMAKE_INSTALL_FULL_<dir> - corresponding absolute path
# where <dir> is one of:

So perhaps it would be good for mk/configure/ to also set the
corresponding CMAKE_INSTALL_FULL_<dir> variables?  (PLplot is probably
unaware of these, so it wouldn't help me there, but it might be good in

Thank you!


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