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certdata-20140820.txt missing certs?

When "security/mozilla-rootcerts" was updated recently, I updated and
installed the new set of certificates (certdata-20140820.txt).

Unfortunately, the set seems to be missing one or more certificates needed
to authenticate "" servers when using 'clive' via https (or even
http since those are redirected to https):

  $ clive -F
  Checking ...error: Peer certificate cannot be authenticated with given CA 
certificates (http/0, conn/0, curl/60)

I replaced the certificates on the updated machine with the set from
another machine which still had the older certificate set installed
(certdata-20121229.txt).  I was then able to access "" servers
with 'clive'.

Has anyone else seen this?

I'll see if I can figure out which certs the old set has that seem to
be missing from the new set.

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