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'mozilla-rootcerts' erroneously flags certs "untrusted" (was: Re: certdata-20140820.txt missing certs?)

On Fri, 5 Sep 2014, John D. Baker wrote:

> Looking through the "certdata.txt" file, I seem to see one or more data
> blocks that could be the certificate(s) I was particularly interested

Checking the fingerprint of the certificate from the old package, the
"certdata.txt" file for the new package does include the data for the
certificate I need.

Looking more carefully at the data block ordering, I see that it is of
the form "cert_data cert_trust cert_data cert_trust ...".  The cert data
for the certificate I want is the seventh such block, so numbering from
0, the cert would be "mozilla-rootcert-3.pem", but the "mozilla-rootcerts"
script erroneously flags it as "untrusted" and removes it immediately
after extraction.

If I extract from "certdata.txt" the blocks related to this certificate
to a separate file and run 'mozilla-rootcerts -f <file> extract' the
certificate is extracted.

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