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Re: libfontenc build failure

Hi Greg!

> libfontenc builds fine for me.

Thanks for confirming this.

For easier fixing in lots of packages without patches, I've added
meta-pkgs/modular-xorg/ Including this in an affected package
should fix the issue (I've compared the resulting configure script
with this hack with the one generated using the patch).

Please confirm this.

> I updated last night and rebuilt and
> had the following failures (from pkg_rr):
> - libICE
> - libSM
> - libXScrnSaver
> - libXau
> - libXcursor
> - libXdmcp
> - libXext
> - libXinerama
> - libXmu
> - libXpm
> - libXrender
> - libXres
> - libXtst
> - libXxf86vm
> - libxkbfile
> plus imake, not sure if that's related.

If the hack works, just include it in the relevant pkgsrc Makefiles --
you can test it more easily.
It can be done by just adding
     .include "../../meta-pkgs/modular-xorg/"
somewhere in the Makefile, preferably last before the
includes like in libfontenc/Makefile.

If you prefer, I can do this for the packages you mention above.
If I read correctly,
may also be affected.


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