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Re: Proposed obsolete cripple-ware to cut from pkgsrc

On 5/21/2012 21:34, David Holland wrote:

It is often the case that the "demo" version of the game has all the
code, just not the levels/data/maps/whatnot, so from a packaging
standpoint the difference between the "demo" and the full version is
minimal. In that case a package for the demo will let people who own
the full version run the full version.

Do you know if tihs is the case for these games?

I don't know but I was using the assumption that could be done, although that does promote the gamer from user to developer status.

I realize you think that any package where you can't walk in off the
street, download it, and install it is useless, but not everyone
agrees with you.

  >  Softmaker Office Demo
  >  * misc/softmaker-office-demo
  >  * licenses/softmaker-office-demo-license
  >  This is a demo of 6-year software that is no longer for sale.
  >  Softmaker is selling the 2012 version now.
  >  It only works for 30 days.

If the software still exists, then the package just needs updating.
If nobody wants to update it, then it should be removed, but that's a
different proposition from it being a "demo".

If Softmaker is donating money to the TNF, or they are maintaining these packages themselves, then I *might* be accepting of a package that has clear benefits to a commercial entity. Rather than assist random companies while excluding their competitors, yes: make a general ban on all commercial demos.

And if I seem egalitarian, I've been living in France for the last 5 years. Those guys are probably rubbing off on me. :)


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