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Re: Demos? Really? These have to go.

John Marino <> writes:

> Why are there demos in pkgsrc?
> For example: misc/softmaker-office-demo (2006)
> We really need a demo version of 6 year old commercial software?
> Who is possible going to install this, especially given it only
> functions for 30 days?
> I'd suggest demos should have no place at all in pkgsrc, and if
> somebody just has to support a demo, it should be removed after the
> product is no longer supported.
> How many more demos are buried in here?  Can we start culling crap
> like this?

Sweeping policy statements are difficult, but it's always fair to
propose/remove a list of specific packages on their own merits.  I would
suggest that you do that rather than try to get consensus on a policy
statement, and that the small number "I'd like to remove X and Y because
Z" of mails will be less than the general discussion :-)

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