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Proposed obsolete cripple-ware to cut from pkgsrc (was Re: Demos? Really? These have to go.)

On 5/21/2012 18:44, Greg Troxel wrote:
John Marino<>  writes:

How many more demos are buried in here?  Can we start culling crap
like this?

Sweeping policy statements are difficult, but it's always fair to
propose/remove a list of specific packages on their own merits.  I would
suggest that you do that rather than try to get consensus on a policy
statement, and that the small number "I'd like to remove X and Y because
Z" of mails will be less than the general discussion :-)

Fair enough, Greg.
There weren't that many of them, maybe 6 that fit the definition.
Can we get rid of some of these?

The following are packages with the word "demo" in them that refer to obsolete trial software:

Loki games demos
Loki went out of business in 2001.
The MASTER_SITES are invalid, the FTP sites listed on Loki website are down. If one looks really hard at the resellers list, they'll find some that are still open. I found one that still sells the software.
It's safe to call them "unsupported"

* games/eus-demo         : Eric's Ultimate Solitaire
* games/civctp-demo      : Civilization: Call to Power
* games/heretic2-demo    : Heretic2
* games/quake3arena-demo : Quake III Arena

Softmaker Office Demo

* misc/softmaker-office-demo
* licenses/softmaker-office-demo-license

This is a demo of 6-year software that is no longer for sale. Softmaker is selling the 2012 version now.
It only works for 30 days.

Special Mention:

* games/majesty-demo

This one is a demo of a game that can still be bought. It's old but looks like the latest version of the demo is 2009 vs. the 2003 version shown in pkgsrc.

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