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Re: Problem building mail/mutt-devel

> I think usually the files are not rebuilt because the pre-generated
> manual.html coming with the tarball is new enough. Try to find out why
> the rebuild is triggered for you.

After a few kind of futile attempts to track the error to its true
source rather unsuccessfully, I tried running "make build" for
mutt-devel on a different machine. All my netbsd-machines have a rather
identical setup to ease maintenance, only a few things differ depending
on architecture and hardware. The result was a perfectly built mutt.
It seems that it's something on this particular machine, which triggers
the rebuilt, but so far I have no idea what that might be or how to
track it down.
I will, of course, continue searching for the cause, but
if anyone could assist or has ideas where to look, I'd appreciate it.

- Volkmar


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