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Re: Migrating ports from XFree86 to Xorg (Was: Changing default X11_TYPE from native to modular for some platforms)


On 27 wrz 2011, at 11:37, Frank Wille wrote:
> We probably don't have to care about the fonts, as this is already done
> by the grfxx driver?

I understand that the current font code will not work with wscons. However, 
wscons does not really care about this, because it has it's own terminal 
emulator and own fonts (provided by wsemul). 

> The new wsdisplay-emulops and -accessops code should probably go directly
> into grf_xx.c (enclosed by NWSDISPLAY>0).

I agree with this.

> I don't see how we can use wsfb, though. The genfb driver does not support
> the graphics card's text mode,

It's not really a text mode in VGA/x86 sense of this word. Current grf drivers 
set up some graphics mode, on which terminal is emulated (ite) using 2D 
accelerated drawing routines. Similarly, terminal emulator is attached on top 
of wsdisplay driver (genfb in this case). The whole point is that genfb will be 
slower, because it does not know about specific capabilities of the used 
graphics hardware (blitter etc.). So I don't really like this solution.

> which we need for acceptable performance
> on such slow hardware. Or am I missing something?

I understand that wsfb X11 driver should work on top of _any_ wsdisplay driver 
that does provide memory mapped mode. We're not forced to use genfb. I would 
prefer to add the new methods to every grf driver, to provide wsdispaly on top 
of grf.

Best regards,
Radoslaw Kujawa

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