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Re: Pkgsrc on Mac OS X

On Tue, 2010-09-21 at 22:53 +0300, Aleksey Cheusov wrote:
> > Uploading packages would require me to become a NetBSD developer and, I
> > assume, meet some other criteria. Is that correct?
> Yes.
> > What is the process to become a "official" developer?
> :-)

I still haven't found the answer to that one. 

> > Does one need to be a developer to post to pkgsrc-bulk?
> I think no, I post results of my bulk builds to this maillist
> for more than two years.


> > Technical question:
> > The pkgsrc guide refers to /usr/pkg being removed as part of the bulk
> > build. Since 'bmake' lives there, does the bulk script re-bootstrap on
> > every build?
> This depends on what tool you mean. mk/bulk or pbulk?

I was thinking mk/bulk. I've started one, though, so I've answered my
own question.

> > Practical question:
> > What platform(s) does it make sense to target.
> The platform you need ;-)
> Only bulk builds for NetBSD, DragonFlyBSD, Linux and Solaris are made on
> regular basis. So, Darwin will definitely be interesting for those
> who are interested to port their packages to Darwin.

I definately plan to post the report to pkgsrc-bulk. I'd really like to
find out how to post the packages, though.

> > Also, based on the error I see when building Xfixes, it seems like I
> > really want X11_TYPE=modular to get the newer libraries.
> You may freely use X clients compiled with modular Xorg from pkgsrc
> and use your native X server. With native X libraries you have a big
> chance to get *lots of* bugs. I don't know about MacOS-X but on Linux
> I stick to X11_TYPE=modular without any problem.

As of now, I am just over 36 hours into a bulk build on a g4/400
(Sawtooth) running 10.4.11 (Tiger, aka Darwin 8.11.0). It took most of
the first 24 hours to work out the dependencies and build order. I am
presently at 336/9078 packages (print/cnprint, FYI) or 3.7%. Out of the
336 packages attempted so far, I seem to have 244 actual packages,
though I've definately seen a few scroll by which failed for not being
supported on this OS/platform.

See you in a few weeks. :-)


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