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Re: pkgsrc on Solaris - coexisting with already installed software

Larson, Timothy E. ÐÐÐÐÑÐÐ(ÐÐ):
>> Ok, I'll grant you, that coexisting with optional locally hand-built
>> software is unduly hard. But to rebuild your own versions of what comes
>> with the OS is gratuitous, IMHO... OpenSSL, zlib, bzip2 all come with
>> Solaris-8 and are of reasonably recent versions. Rebuilding these from
>> pkgsrc should be an option...
> That's when you hope and pray that someone has done a bulk build for your 
> platform already, so you can just grab binaries.  :)
> But if you're still using Sol8, you might be out of luck.
The time to build the packages does not worry me. It is the potential
for confusion and conflicts, that inevitably arise from having multiple
versions installed on the same system. A custom application, that
somebody builds using /usr/pkg/include/zlib.h , for example, may end up
using /usr/lib/ at run-time -- and fail in various
"interesting" ways.

On my Linux office desktop, for another example, I'm trying to build
editors/lyx. Instead of using the existing fontconfig-2.4.1, that came
with RedHat's RHEL-5.4, pkgsrc built its own version, 2.7.3, which will
use its very own /usr/pkg/var/cache/fontconfig (instead of the existing
and populated /var/cache/fontconfig).

I guess, a true adept would simply install barebones kernel (and
compiler) and build everything else from /usr/pkgsrc/ But that's a much
harder sell... Besides, there is true value in vendor-maintained rpm/yum
repositories, and, IMHO, pkgsrc ought to seek to complement those,
instead of "fighting" with them for domination...



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