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pkgsrc on Solaris - coexisting with already installed software


First of all, I'd like to express my gratitude for making pkgsrc work on
other OSes -- such as Solaris. The amount of porting must've been quite

That said, I'm wondering, if it is possible for the pkgsrc-built
software to use the bits and pieces already present on the system --
such as those installed via regular (manual) builds or coming from the
OS vendor. For example, I just finished building www/apache22 and that
pulled in things like OpenSSL, perl, zlib, that were already present --
if outside /usr/pkg.

And it was not only the LIB_DEPENDS stuff -- gmake, that was already
available under /usr/local/bin, was rebuilt and installed under
/usr/pkg/bin as well only to build a dependency...

Can this be avoided?

Next question is package-generation -- I can see, that `bmake package'
creates BSD-style packages (.tgz), which are quite familiar to me as a
FreeBSD-user. Has anyone played with making pkgsrc create native
packages, installable by pkgadd on SunOS and rpm on Linux? Using
devel/epm -- which is what I'm manually doing right now -- could help
with that...

And, finally, how can I make use of ksu instead of su, when it comes to
install-ing stuff, that I'm building as non-root? Simply adding SU=ksu
or even ROOT_CMD=... is not working, because the command-line syntax is
different... Has anyone done that?

Thanks! Yours,


P.S. Are HTML-mails acceptable on this mailing list?

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