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Re: Seriously confused about keeping packages current

On 6/10/2009 6:22 AM, Paul Newhouse wrote:
Clarification on this is appreciated.  Apologies if I'm just being thick
headed about this.

I have to admit that I've always found it a little confusing but typically, my usage amounts to (in it's most basic form):

        cd /usr/pkgsrc
        cvs update
        pkg_chk -g      # Generate or refresh config
        pkg_chk -a      # List packages with updates
                        #(will add missing packages)

I imagine 'pkg_chk -aq' or 'pkg_chk -uq' would yield similar results. As someone else noted, it appears your installed apps are newer than your pkgsrc version. If your intent is to keep everything as current as possible, I'd recommend automating your pkgsrc update and your audit.

I used to use 'pkg_chk -u' but since have started using 'pkg_rolling-replace -suv' or just with -uv depending on the situation. pkg_rolling-replace does not rely on pkg_chk or it's conf files but it is useful to generate a conf file for reference if something doesn't work or is missing. With pkgsrc on NFS I tend to store them as pkgchk-$hostname.conf.

HTH. Unfortunately or fortunately (depending on your perspective) there are various ways to maintain your packages and a lot comes down to host environment and personal preference.


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