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Re: Seriously confused about keeping packages current

Paul Newhouse <> writes:

> Off list the following was recommended:
>>  'pkg_chk -uq' works for me, showing only packages needing an update.

Do you have pkgsrc in /usr/pkgsrc?

> Both 
>    pkg_chk -uq|grep '<'
>    pkg_chk -aurn|grep '<'
> produce very similar but, different outputs and now I'm getting really 
> confused:
> If I run the command variants, I get:
>    : pkg_chk -aurn|grep '<'
>    time/p5-Date-Calc - p5-Date-Calc-5.4nb3 < p5-Date-Calc-5.4
>    : pkg_chk -uq|grep '<'
>    time/p5-Date-Calc - p5-Date-Calc-5.4nb3 < p5-Date-Calc-5.4
> My instincts tell me that this is wrong because I would guess that .4nb3 is 
> newer than .4 (yes??? no???).

Those look the same.  yes, 5.4nb3 is the fourth pkgsrc version of
upstreams's 5.4.

>   BUT, let's update time/p5-Date-Calc with:
>    (cd .../time/p5-Date-Calc && make update)
> Now I rerun the pkg_chk variant:
>    : pkg_chk -aurn|grep '<'
>    devel/p5-Date-Calc - p5-Date-Calc-5.4 < p5-Date-Calc-5.4nb3
>    : pkg_chk -uq|grep '<'
> Instinct tells me that -aurn results are probably the correct choice since I 
> still believe that .4nb3 is newer than .4.  So I did an update in 
> devel/p5-Date-Calc.

You should see what is installed, and what is in pkgsrc, with pkg_info,
and reading the makefile, and 'make show-downlevel' in the pkgsrc

> BUT, I don't really understand which is the correct choice.  Is devel/
> telling me the package is still being developed?  Or is this an
> unintended package duplication??  If devel/ is telling me this is the
> correct version for forward development, in which case I'd expect a
> lot more duplicated packages? (and that I would need two different
> environments one for forward work and one for current work).

devel is just that the package itself is for software development.  it's
parallel to geography, www, etc. and has no bearing on the current

> Clarification on this is appreciated.  Apologies if I'm just being thick 
> headed about this.

I suspect you have binary packages which may not match the pkgsrc
sources.  Use pkg_info and reading the makefiles to dig into what's
going on, rather than just looking at pkg_chk.

On one box I have access to, pkg_chk -uq gives me (among others):

chat/pidgin - pidgin-2.5.8nb1 < pidgin-2.6.1

2.5.8nb1 is installed, and 2.6.1 is in pkgsrc/chat/pidgin.

pkg_chk doesn't tell you about newer.  It tells you what's different
From what is installed to what pkgsrc has.  If pkgsrc is older, it can
indicate that you should downgrade.

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