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Re: Ruby 1.9 - whats happening there?

In message 
        on Tue, 6 Oct 2009 13:51:17 +1100 (EST), wrote:
> I may have had perhaps a wishful thinking that pkgsrc contains Ruby 1.9,
> which I found that it doesnt.
> So i went and compiled it from source manually. Compile went ok but when I
> try to install the rmagick gem, I get this error:
This topic isn't for pkgsrc-users.  :-)  You had better ask some
Ruby's community.

> By the way, any ideas why Ruby 1.9 isnt yet in pkgsrc nor in pkgsrc-wip?
> Its in FreeBSD ports and works very well. I searched through netbsd
> mailing lists and couldnt find an answer. Ruby 1.9.1 is production ready.
Yes, Ruby 1.9.1 became popular in these days.

But I planed to import Ruby 1.9 based package after 1.9.2 released
since it is expected to really stable release of Ruby 1.9 series.
I heard that some Ruby's developers said "Ruby 1.9.1 is for users who
developing Ruby's libraries."

I've already finished most of work, but there is one problem about
RubyGems integration part.

Best regards.

Takahiro Kambe <>

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