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Re: Real life use of pkgsrc from a happy user

On Thu, September 10, 2009 12:46 pm, Dave Vollenweider wrote:

> So tell me, how is using "pkg_rolling-replace -u" more complicated than it
> should be?

I'll answer the question with a question and say "Is this the best
solution we have?"  I share in Hasso's frustration, as we're both trying
to smoosh DragonFly and pkgsrc together - he even more than I.

pkg_rolling-replace doesn't use binaries, so that's a complication.  Also,
it uses 'make replace', which will die in a somewhat uninformative way if
a package has been moved/renamed.  It doesn't come with pkgsrc, so you
need to find it among all the other solutions suggested for pkgsrc
upgrades, each having a separate set of peculiarities, and install it

Not insurmountable problems, I know, but I've encountered all of them
using pkg_rolling-replace.  On the other hand, I like pkg_rolling-replace
and have used it for a while now.

Part of the frustration, at least for me, is that it's another package. 
Installing and learning the pkgsrc tools is fine, but leaves you at a
point where you can't upgrade easily until you move to this specific
option.  I'd really like a 'native' solution that took advantage of the
speed that binary downloads can provide.

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