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Re: pkgsrc circular dependancy

On 10.9.2009, at 15:51, Raymond Meyer wrote:

pkgsrc tries to build net/tnftp
this needs ncurses
ncurses need net/tnftp
... and pkgsrc locks up here

Yes, that's an annoying thing. What I do is make pkgsrc use Solaris's native wget instead (via mk.conf):

FETCH_USING=                            custom
FETCH_CMD=                              /usr/sfw/bin/wget
FETCH_BEFORE_ARGS=                      ${PASSIVE_FETCH:D--passive-ftp}
FETCH_RESUME_ARGS=                      -c
FETCH_OUTPUT_ARGS=                      -O

The other way (ugly hack) is to set CURSES_DEFAULT=curses right above the include in net/tnftp/Makefile.

Question for the more experienced pkgsrc architects - is there a better way? Generally ncurses is preferred to curses for pkgsrc on Solaris, which makes this particular circular dep difficult to avoid.


Filip Hajny

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