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On Thu, Aug 06, 2009 at 05:32:27PM +0200, Dirk H. Schulz wrote:
> According to documentation there is only two branches: stable and  
> -current. (Here is were I read:  
> And using  
> "cvs update -dP" should update the stable branch to the current release  
> of it.
> How come that I am sitting on an outdated release of it and "cvs update"  
> does not change that to something current?

The stable branch changes every ~3month. Releng is not "reusing" the
branch as it would violate POLA and is also not technically feasible
with CVS.

cvs does not switch branches automatically. Branches are so called
"sticky" tags. You either have to request a different tag to move to a
new branch or explicitly request removing the tag with -A.

> After digging through documentation I ran "cvs update -rpkgsrc-2009Q  
> -dp" and that seems to have switched everything to the current release  
> (now is 1.42). Do I have to do that at every beginning of a new  
> quarter? Or is there some setting to automate this?

I don't think there is anything to automate this. One of the major
reasons is that it doesn't happen that often and normally requires at
least some human interaction. It effectively results in a bulk update of
packages after all.

> By the way, pkgsrc still uses ftp to fetch source archives although  
> /etc/mk.conf contains "FETCH_USING=wget" (only that, copied and pasted):

Oh. I think I now understand what you really want to do. You don't want
to avoid ftp The Program, but ftp The Protocol? The easiest way is to
pick a distfiles mirror of and use MASTER_SITE_OVERRIDE.
I would have to look carefully how to avoid it completely, but you can
prefer http using:
MASTER_SORT_REGEX=      ^http:// ^ftp://
You might also want to set PASSIVE_FETCH.


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