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help with POEDIT


I am writing to you all to help me with POEDIT package. The package is marked broken needing wxgtk with unicode support.

Wxgtk with unicode support however already exists in WIP. I tried to change the dependency in Makefile, and almost got it compiled, at the end I got some loopback in directories structure, so it probably needs just a little hack from people who know how.

Please is there anyone who can help me compile it? I need it bad for my work and I do not want to start xen with linux everytime when I translate po files and I dont want to give up NetBSD!

Thank you very much.

P.S. I am translating stuff from many languages into many languages for blind people who will now have the chance to study languages over the net. It is the EU supported project, a serious and certified stuff, if you help me, you help in a way them too :-)

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