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Hi Joerg,
The documentation you are reading is applies to pkgsrc-2009Q2 and
-current. You should strongly consider switching to a supported branch.

I hope you still have some patience left for me being a newbie. :-)

According to documentation there is only two branches: stable and -current. (Here is were I read: And using "cvs update -dP" should update the stable branch to the current release of it. How come that I am sitting on an outdated release of it and "cvs update" does not change that to something current?

After digging through documentation I ran "cvs update -rpkgsrc-2009Q -dp" and that seems to have switched everything to the current release (now is 1.42). Do I have to do that at every beginning of a new quarter? Or is there some setting to automate this?

By the way, pkgsrc still uses ftp to fetch source archives although /etc/mk.conf contains "FETCH_USING=wget" (only that, copied and pasted):
=> Bootstrap dependency wget-[0-9]*: found wget-1.11.4
=> Bootstrap dependency digest>=20010302: found digest-20080510
===> Checking for vulnerabilities in bash-4.0.24
=> Fetching bash-4.0.tar.gz
=> Total size: 6230779 bytes
--2009-08-06 17:30:23--
           => `bash-4.0.tar.gz'
Resolving, 2001:6b0:19::6
What can I do to find out why?


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