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pkgsrc/www/ap2-auth-external for apache 2.2

Hello there. I was trying to build the external auth (aka authnz) module for use with apache 2.2. The Makefile for pkgsrc/www/ap2-auth- external indicates that it works with apache2.2, and it builds and installs. But, the homepage (at suggests that the version in pkgsrc (2.2.11) is for apache 2.0, and there's a 3.x version, named mod_authnz_external, for Apache 2.2

Has anyone done any work to either (a) make pkgsrc/www/ap2-auth- external retrieve and build the apache2.2 version (mod_authnz_external-3.1.0.tar.gz), or (b) make a pkgsrc/www/ap22- authnz-external in pkgsrc?


                   - Chris

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