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Re: Subversion without python and/or Ruby?

    Yes, that is what I wanted, and what I ended up doing.  I just
  didn't know that devel/subversion was the whole of kitchen sink.  My

I spiffed up DESCR so thatthose reading it will be warned.

As for meta-packages and options, opinions differ.  In this case, I
don't think it makes sense, because the only point of the meta-package
is to build everything subversion, and people who want 2 language
modules but not the other two can install the 4 packages - the
dependency list just isn't that long.  Where I'd like to see
meta-package options is in gnome, where someone could ask for 'given me
gnome-base, but I don't like samba' - there I'd like all the packages to
respect PKG_DEFAULT_OPTIONS+=-samba.

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