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Re: Missing packages/symlinks in (was "sparc (sparc32!) binary packages needed...")

> Actually glib2-2.14.4.tgz exists in All/, with a symlink in devel/.
> I don't see a problem here, can you explain ?

No, only that pkg_add told me for all packages deoending on that lib that
it was missing. I have installed it from devel/ in the meantime, so I
cannot even give it another try. The backlog of my screen doesn't have the
appropriate error-messages anymore, so I cannot even post them, sorry.
What I can do is a pkg_delete glib2, and do everything again...if that
might help tracking down the problem. May be it's a privilege-thing?

Funny thing is that I can see that file now in my web-broswer, too, and I
am quite sure that the search-function told me yesterday something like
"not found". pkg_add did that beyond doubt.

- Volkmar


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