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Re: sparc (sparc32!) binary packages needed...

> Did you also check
> for the missing packages ?

Uhm...actually, no. Thanks for pointing that out to me, I'll give that a try.

Some of the missing packages are libraries like glib2 and pcre, on which
quite a lot packages depend.

I will try the URL above, and report back. Thank you so far.

> the 2007Q4 build was as complete as it could be. If there's a package
> missing it's probably because it failed during the build.
> I have a 2008Q1 running, but it's only at 1455/7525, it'll need several
> more weeks.

Hmm, yes, too bad that I need it on sunday for the VCFE in Munich...I'd be
willing to wait, or even to compile the required packages myself, if there
weren't this stupid time-issue ;)

- Volkmar


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