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sparc (sparc32!) binary packages needed...

Hello all,

I've got a Sun SPARCstation IPX, which needs to be set up with NetBSD 3.1
until sunday, and I need several pkgsrc-packages (NetBSD is of course
already installed ;) ). Bad thing is, to install everything from source, I
lack the time, since the machine's running at 40MHz ;)
I do not have the time to experiment with cross-compiling the packages on
my dualcore-workstation, so that option does not really apply in my
current case, either.

My question now: is there anyone who has done a bulk-build for
sparc32-netbsd 3.1, who could give me access to that repository of
binaries? I would only require access until sunday, and only to those

It would be a real great help...

- Volkmar

P.S.: The repository under [1] is incomplete, it lacks of several
libraries and packages...I have tried it already... :(



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