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Re: Experiences with pkgsrc on Macs?

On 8-Apr-08, at 10:57 PM, Georg Schwarz wrote:

you can safely install pkgsrc as non-root in a completely separate arbitrary directory on your existing HFS+ file system.
It's easy, and there is no risk of breaking anything.


You can also install pkgsrc on a separate disk image as in

Also see

David Hopper (Mac OS X):
The nice thing about having /pkg, /pkgsrc, and /pkgdb on an HFS+ case- sensitive disk image in OS X, is that when it is unmounted, there isn't a trace of pkgsrc on your system. Once you mount the disk image, you immediately have access to the source tree, libraries, and all binaries you have installed via pkgsrc. It's almost like an instantaneous 'Clean Everything' / 'Install Everything' feature. Since the disk image is in your path, you get everything right away. When it's not there, the OS X environment doesn't care. Put your .dmg image on a USB drive, take it with you, plug it in to a different machine.



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