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Re: Re: graphics/gle: configure: error: Cannot find required GL library

Unless graphics/gle is meant to be linked with libpthread, this is not
the correct way to go about this.  The undefined symbol could be due
to issues with the libX11 thread stubs (see the openbsd commit logs to
UIThrStubs.c in libX11 for more information about this).

This issue will be addressed after the freeze.
In the meantime, you might want to try building libX11 without its
built-in threads stubs and replace your installed package with that.

To do this, edit libX11's configure script, find the check for
pthread_self, and replace the [re]definition of that function with
#include <pthread.h>.  Rebuild.  Alternatively, you can add the
following to libX11/Makefile:

CONFIGURE_ARGS+= ac_cv_lib_c_pthread_self=yes



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