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Qt-apps can be rather picky regarding XDG, I have the following in .xinitrc to avoid such issues,

mkdir /tmp/${USER}-runtime && chmod -R 0700 /tmp/${USER}-runtime
export XDG_RUNTIME_DIR=/tmp/${USER}-runtime

Den sön 25 apr. 2021 06:19Bob Bernstein <> skrev:
On Sat, 24 Apr 2021, RVP wrote:

> Correction: On NetBSD that would be:

> if [ -x /usr/pkg/bin/dbus-launch -a -z
> In either ~/.xinitrc or ~/.xsession

dbus is launching via standard rc.conf mechanism, with a
'starting dbus' message displayed during boot. Do you suppose I
need the 'dbus-launch' statement in addition to that?

I now have showing in 'env':


and, fwiw:


AT THIS STAGE of the game, at least on launch from the
command-line lyx is not just crashing and dumping core. 'ps'
shows a running lyx process, but it doesn't seem able to reach
the point whereat it would display itself. I have DISPLAY set in
the env:


But the game's afoot!

Thank you.

What's going on with Bob?

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