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Re: NetBSD on bhyve on TrueNAS Core

Excerpt from Chavdar Ivanov:

> userconf disable xhci*

> I mean, for the installation you will have to quickly go to the vnc
> window, interrupt the boot to command line and enter 'boot -c'; then

> disable xhci
> quit

> Then go through the installation as normal, GPT etc. After it
> finishes, go to the command line, mount your root dk (should be dk1)
> and add the above line to /boot.cfg .
> Chavdar 

I thought USB 3 with xhci was working on NetBSD.  Have some bugs recently arisen?

Bad enough that I have to disable athn; athn causes the boot to hang: maybe fixed in more recent versions?

Other question is whether an ext2fs would successfully copy to a partition on a USB stick or hard drive.

But it was "disable xhci" in your message that raised the alarm in me.


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