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On Sun, 25 Apr 2021, Bob Bernstein wrote:

dbus is launching via standard rc.conf mechanism, with a 'starting dbus' message displayed during boot. Do you suppose I need the 'dbus-launch' statement in addition to that?

Strictly speaking: no. Applications which need DBUS will launch a
per-user instance of the daemon, once, when needed. You don't need
to start one. I do it that way, in ~/.xinitrc, because I want it
to _exit_ when I quit X. Else, it persists until I log out.

I now have showing in 'env':


Fine. There is also a XDG_CONFIG_HOME--defaulting to ~/.config

and, fwiw:


This is only needed for compiling, I think.

AT THIS STAGE of the game, at least on launch from the command-line lyx is not just crashing and dumping core. 'ps' shows a running lyx process, but it doesn't seem able to reach the point whereat it would display itself. I have DISPLAY set in the env:


Right, that last bit about setting DISPLAY worries me. You shouldn't
need to set this at all, normally. What was it before you set it
(i.e. in an xterm window)?

As a test, I just installed lyx from the binary package: After
installing what seemed like everything Knuth wrote going back to
1978, it installed itself fine. Running it produced a missing
library ( error. That fixed (I'm on 9.99.81 which
has, I unset all XDG-related env. vars (only 2);
stopped running dbus-launch in .xinitrc; logged out; logged-in and
ran lyx.

And,... it worked flawlessly. My recommendation: install the binary
package. :)


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