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Re: Use of disklabel, MBR and GPT

On ott 23 16:12, Bruce Lilly wrote:
> On Fri, Oct 23, 2020 at 3:34 PM Martin Husemann <> wrote:
> > There is no point in ever using a disklabel on a disk that has a GPT.

This is so important to know. The first time I used GPT I tried in any
way to install a disklabel, too. Then, it became clear it is not

> The various bits of relevant documentation should state so,
> clearly and unambiguously.

I quote this.

On one hand, it's not simple to re-write the documentation and maybe
this is the reason why it has not been updated so far (also given the
fact that GPT integration is relatively recent); on the other hand,
this complicates a lot the work of a new user (who doesn't know NetBSD),
which I think should be guided as much as possible.

> Instead (for example, not intended to be a complete list of issues), the
> current Guide (
> has sections for MBR (3.5) and disklabel (3.6), but no mention (at all!)
> of GPT (and refers to "BIOS" but has no mention of EFI or UEFI).
> 3.6 misleadingly states:
> "NetBSD uses its own partition scheme, called a disklabel, which is
> stored at the start of the MBR partition: "
> strongly implying that a physical disklabel is necessary for NetBSD
> in all cases, presumably including installation to GPT disks.

Yes, and this is the reason why I tried to install disklabel on a GPT
partition! Also, the reason why I created this thread.


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