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Re: Use of disklabel, MBR and GPT

On Fri, Oct 23, 2020 at 3:34 PM Martin Husemann <> wrote:

> There is no point in ever using a disklabel on a disk that has a GPT.

The various bits of relevant documentation should state so,
clearly and unambiguously.

Instead (for example, not intended to be a complete list of issues), the
current Guide (
has sections for MBR (3.5) and disklabel (3.6), but no mention (at all!)
of GPT (and refers to "BIOS" but has no mention of EFI or UEFI).
3.6 misleadingly states:
"NetBSD uses its own partition scheme, called a disklabel, which is
stored at the start of the MBR partition: "
strongly implying that a physical disklabel is necessary for NetBSD
in all cases, presumably including installation to GPT disks.
It goes on to refer to section 2.2, which is even more outdated
(It refers to "DOS" and has a diagram that looks like a section
of a floppy disc).

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