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Re: Use of disklabel, MBR and GPT

On ott 22 11:48, Bruce Lilly wrote:                            
> A few additional points:                      
> "disklabel" is a term used by all 3 of the major BSD variants
> (FreeBSd, NetBSd, and OpenBSD), but                      
> with significant differences.                      
A huge "thank you" for the massive amount of information and
observations, for exploring several different cases with pros/cons.
Also, this clarifies several incompatibilities between the *BSD
> `gpt` is the most usable and stable part of the NetBSD installer;
> other bits seem to fail                      
It's a very good tool.                      
> (for one thing, this particular disk spins at 5400 RPM, not 3600;
> NetBSD disklabel                      
> also claims 3600 "rpm" for SSDs and flash drives).
Yes, I noticed in my tests that this false value is recurrent.
Thanks also for the comparison of the whitespace tolerance in fstab.
> So GPT works reasonably well across various OSes, to the extent that
> each OS supports (and documents support for) it; MBR for multiboot of
> more than a very few OSes tends to be a problem, and BSD-specific
> disklabel is largely an anachronism (and is incompatible between BSD
> variants).                                        
This is a very useful recap. As regards the integration of gpt in
NetBSD, I can confirm: it is very well handled by this OS. And your
examples show that gpt is well supported in many other OSs as well.

Yes, maybe disklabel is strongly outdated, but I wanted to share some
notes about it, because I think it was largely used in the past, along
with MBR, with all the issues (and the confusion) we highlighted in
this thread.                      
Thank you!                      

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