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Re: Use of disklabel, MBR and GPT

Bruce Lilly <> writes:

> "disklabel" is a term used by all 3 of the major BSD variants
> (FreeBSd, NetBSd, and OpenBSD), but
> with significant differences.  As a result of those differences, some
> of the statements made are not
> necessarily accurate in all cases.  For example, a type of disklabel
> can be written to an OpenBSD
> GPT partition rather than to the disk [P]MBR.

Maybe so, but disklabel is a term that originated in 4.3BSD+Tahoe, says
the manpage, and that is not inconsistent with my recollection.  So it
should be used to mean that 4.3/4.4-derived structure.

disklabels are usually in reserved space at the beginning of an ffs
filesystem.  I have not heard of them being in the MBR.

I can believe someone uses disklabel as a generic  term to refer to
various kinds of partioning, but I would suggest that they not do that!

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