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Printing and CUPS

Glenn Mawby <>

14:43 (28 minutes ago)
to majordomo
I've installed NetBSD 9 on intel based machine and I'm having trouble setting up printing. I decided to use CUPS to manage printing.   The printer is on my local network and has a fixed IP address. 

I installed cups and hplip, enabled and started cupsd, and added the HP OfficeJet 8610 to CUPS.  

When I print the test page the job is visible in the queue and completes but nothing prints.   If I look in /var/log/cups/error_log I see the following error.

E [14/Oct/2020:20:06:47 +1100] [CGI] Unable to execute ippfind utility: No such file or directory

I checked the wiki and followed the instructions setting up CUPS and as far as I can tell I've done everything right.  I also see chatter on some Linux forums describing a similar problem.

Is there another package I'm supposed to install to make this work?


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