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sysinst bug in changing gpt partition type?


I just tried to use sysinst to tweak one got partition on an nvme disk (9.0_STABLE). I was trying to change the partition from NetBSD Swap to NetBSD FFS and got this error message:

     Status: Command failed
    Command: gpt label -b 42352674 -T 49f48d5a-b10e-11dc-b99b-0019d1879648 ld4

(I was doing this as a test). It seems as if sysinst is using “gpt label”where it should use “gpt type”. If you take the original command substitute “type” for “label”:

gpt type -b 42352674 -T 49f48d5a-b10e-11dc-b99b-0019d1879648 ld4

then the command succeeds.

AFAIK "gpt type" is the way to give a gpt partition a new type whereas "gpt label" assigns a label to the partition (to be used with "NAME=" in fstab. Is that correct? Should I file a PR?


Jason M.

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