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Re: ntpdate(8) and unbound(8) dependencies during boot

Havard Eidnes <> writes:

>> Hi, I'm having the following issues on RPi-3 which doesn't have battery
>> operated clock. This tends to happen when clock skew is quite large.
>> 1. DNS resolution no longer works, as unbound(8) needs system time to
>> be correct. I think this is due to "forward-tls-upstream: yes" option.
> I suspct that DNSSEC signature validation also fails with a clock
> which is way off.  RRSIG records specify a validity interval, and
> it's not uncommon for that to span about a month around the
> current time.

Yes, this is definitely true.   I had the same issue with a machine that
was off for a while.

I solved this by adding a few servers by IP address, and also leaving
the pool lines.

The real fix is to add an RTC.  While I know the PDP-11 didn't have one,
and the operator would run date on boot, it's been assumed by UNIX for a
long time that there is a clock.  I have a clock addon for the RPI that
I haven't gotten around to installing; in theory it slips over the GPIO
pins and will still fit in the case.

But, it does seem that with a numeric IP address in ntp.conf, things are
at least mostly ok.

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